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Cardiovascular epidemiology

A great challenge within CVD epidemiology is the marked and rapid changes over time in prevalence, incidence, mortality and clinical presentation.

Specific aims for our studies include:

  • Description and analysis of changes in risk factors and CVD prevalence and incidence for men and women in Sweden and in Gothenburg.
  • Effects of risk factors such as obesity and psychosocial factors for the development of various manifestations of CVD in Gothenburg populations of men and women.
  • Trends in incidence, mortality and survival in CVD
  • The study of the influence of societal and individual factors on the development of CVD

We have a well developed ongoing international network:
PURE = Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiologic study is a prospective cohort study coordinated from McMaster’s University, Hamilton, Canada, (PI professor Salim Yusuf) with ongoing data collection in 17 countries, chiefly low- and middle income countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Ours is the only European data collection centre (Gothenburg and Skaraborg). The PURE study aims to determine individual and societal determinants for chronic diseases in a total of 153 996 men and women worldwide.

INTERHEART is a global case-control study of 15,000 patients with acute myocardial infarction and an equal number of controls.

Swedish IMPACT model in collaboration with professor Simon Capewell, University of Liverpool aims to quantify the relative contributions of changes in risk factors and medical treatment for the reduction in CHD mortality.

Work area 1: Psychosocial factors and susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases

Selected publications:

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